The official language of the Symposium is English.

Call for Papers

Abstract submission deadline date is 15 July 2017.
※If you would like to do a presentation,
please let us know to the JISSE-15 comittee.

Participants interested in presenting their original papers are invited to submit a 300 word abstract by the above date to the JISSE-15 Office. (jisse-15*[Please replace * with @.])

Full Paper Submission

Full paper submission deadline date is 20 October 2017.
Authors whose papers are accepted will be requested to provide their final manuscripts in English and submit them by the above date.
The length of the manuscript is 6 pages in the longest case. 
The template for the manuscript is available via the link below.
Please submit final manuscripts to the symposium office.

JISSE-15* [Please replace * with @.]


Please choose the preferable or appropriate session.

Oral Session

1. Automotive Applications

2. Aerospace Applications

3. Wind Turbine, Marine, Ground transportation

   and Civil infrastructures

4. Thermoplastic Composites

5. Composite Manufacturing, Rapid Production,

   and Automated production

6. Composite testing and standardization

7. Additive manufacturing

8. Bonding and adhesive technology

9. Nano Composites

10. Green Composites

11. Composite Recycle Technology

12. Polymer Matrix Composites

13. MMC, CMC, C/C, High-Temperature Applications

14. Structural health monitoring, Nondestructive


15. Experimental Characterization

16. Numerical Modeling and Structural Design

17. Mechanics and Processing of Discontinuous

    Fiber Composites

18. Textiles and Textile Composite Materials

19. Fatigue and Durability for Composite

20. Special session (organized session)

21. All remaining items


100. Poster Session