Oral Presentation Instructions

1.Please check the session schedule (here) to see on which day and at what time you are presenting.


2.Speakers should arrive in their session rooms 15 minutes before starting the session in order to copy your presentation files or check your laptop connection, and to contact with the chairperson.


3.Total duration of each presentation slot is 20 minutes including the time for introduction by the session chair. This also includes the time available for presentation (15 minutes) and questions from the audience (5 minutes).


4.An LCD projector (WXGA, with D-Sub 15 and HDMI cables), a 16:9 screen, and a laser pointer will be available in all the presentation rooms.


5.The presentation room will be equipped with a 15.6” laptop computer with Windows 10 installed as well as a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and MS PowerPoint 2016.


6.Please, bring a copy of your presentation file in a USB memory key. Or, please bring your own laptop computer with the appropriate presentation file. If you use your own computer, please make sure it works with the available interfaces for projector connection.
Note: the presentation computer has ONLY a USB port; there is no CD -ROM or other disc drive.


7.Some speakers (especially, Mac users) have to bring a VGA/HDMI interface adapter.