Plenary lectures

November 27th


SAMPE Global President

Katie E.G. Thorp, Ph.D., SAMPE Global President, AFRL


Prof. Luigi "Gino" Torre, Ph.D.

SAMPE Global Immediate Past President

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Perugia Strada di Pentima


Lecture title: Advanced Composite and Nanocomposite for High Temperature Aerospace Applications.


Ikuo Takeuchi,

General Manager ACM Technology Dept.,

Toray Industries, Inc. Head office.


Lecture title:Next Generation Intermediate Material for Aerospace Automotive Structures



November  28th


Designated Prof. Takashi Ishikawa

Nagoya University


Lecture title: Current Status of NCC (at Nagoya University) Project for CFRTP Applications  to Auto-Body


Prof. Xiaosu Yi
President, SAMPE China Region
Professor Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, AVIC


Prof.Axel Harrmann

CTO Chief Technology Officer

The Board- Strategy Gremium of the CFK Valley E.V.


Lecture title: Thermoplastic composites in aircraft structures - Challenges and Potentials -



November  29th


Dr. Gunnar Merz

CEO Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board


Lecture title: CFK Valley diversification strategy into composites for building and infrastructure application