JISSE14 Tutorial Session

Date:          December 7, Monday, 14:30-17:10

Instructor:   Dr. Scott W. Beckwith

                   SAMPE-Global Technical Director

                   BTG Composites, Inc. – President


Subject:      Thermoplastic Resins and Composites:
                   Markets, Materials, Technologies and Applications

10,000 JPY for JISSE-14 Regular Participants (Add to your JISSE-14 registration fee)
20,000 JPY for Non- JISSE-14 Participants
5,000 JPY for Students (Add to your JISSE-14 registration fee if you are JISSE-14 participant)

Note: This tutorial session will be held on the first day of JISSE-14 while other sessions are in progress.




Thermoplastic resin matrices and their composites are used in numerous market applications associated with aerospace, industrial/commercial and consumer applications. The intent of this tutorial is to discuss a number of the market applications where these materials are widely used – or – newer applications are appearing on the horizon. Properties of the various thermoplastic matrices and the fibre reinforcement forms that are typically used in a number of applications are discussed. Processing methods for these material systems vary widely, from traditional compression molding and thermoforming to the more complex automated fibre placement (AFP) used in aerospace structures. While aerospace applications gather the most attention due the size of the structures manufactured and high performance that they demonstrate, the automotive market also utilizes a wide range of these materials. Composite aircraft interiors and applications involving FST (flammability, smoke and toxicity) requirements find significant use with thermoplastics as well. The tutorial subtopics will focus on several of the following areas:
• What market segments are thermoplastics currently active?
• Where do thermoplastics show the most future growth?
• What are the pertinent thermoplastic resins and what are their unique properties?
• What types of reinforcements are used in thermoplastic composites?
• What processes are used in manufacturing thermoplastic composites?
• Examples of various thermoplastic applications will be used throughout the presentation.
• Comparison of aerospace, commercial/industrial and consumer market products will be made where possible.






Dr. Scott W. Beckwith


                           Dr. Scott W. Beckwith

Dr. Beckwith has worked in the composites industry for the past 45 years in various design, manufacturing and marketing positions within both the aerospace and commercial markets. He is a SAMPE Fellow and an SME Jud Hall Awardee. He has a background in composites design and analysis, testing and inspection, manufacturing and failure analysis with Hercules Aerospace, Structures and Carbon Fibers (now split into Orbital-ATK and Hexcel). With over 550 technical publications and presentations, he frequently conducts composites tutorials, seminars and workshops. He is also the SAMPE Journal Technical Editor and Editor of SAMPE’s Journal of Advanced Materials. He is an active consultant in the aerospace, sports and recreation, industrial and energy market segments.