Start at 17:10 on the 8th of December

Lecture by Dr. Makiko Tada

Braiding workshop will be held at the entrance of the bunquet site an hour before conference dinner in the evening on the 8th of December.  At the workshop, you will try to make a braid strap for cell-phone by your hands with braid disk.  After making the braid strap, it will be taken with you.


You don't have to registrate for the workshop.  It is a free workshop.
We are looking forward to your participation in this workshop.
Thank you.




Dr. Makiko Tada’s Biography

Makiko Tada of Japan is a master craftsperson with over 45 years’ experience as an internationally recognized Kumihimo teacher.  She is a braider, designer, researcher and lecturer at Kyoto Institute of Technology.  As well, she is the author of ”Comprehensive Treatise of Braids 1 to 7”, along with other books and publications. Her research into braiding has taken her to Europe, the USA and Peru.  She has also taught and exhibited in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Germany.  And she is largely responsible for the growing international interest in the art of Kumihimo. She creates Kumihimo braids from both traditional designs and from her own original designs inspired by nature.