JISSE13 Tutorial Session

Date:          November 11, Monday, 13:30-15:00, 15:30-17:00

Instructor:   Dr. Scott W. Beckwith, SAMPE Technical Director

Subject:      Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) and Robotics Technology


13:30 - 15:00, November 11, Monday
Automated Fiber Placement and Robotics Technology: Overview - Part I

15:30 - 17:00, November 11, Monday
Automated Fiber Placement and Robotics Technology: Overview - Part II

10,000 JPY for JISSE-13 Regular Participants (Add to your JISSE-13 registration fee)
20,000 JPY for Non- JISSE-13 Participants
5,000 JPY for Students (Add to your JISSE-13 registration fee if you are JISSE-13 participant)

Note: This tutorial session will be held on the first day of JISSE-13 while other sessions are in progress.




Automated composites manufacturing processes such as automated fibre placement (AFP), automated tape placement (ATP), filament winding (FW) and various robotic processing technologies have become quite common within the aerospace composite structures industry. These automated processes have also started to become more prevalent in other markets as well (wind energy, automotive). This tutorial is intended to provide a technology overview of AFP and various robotic composite processes with a comparison of the types of materials, manufacturing equipment, complex structures, unique features and other aspects to more traditional processes.
Some of the topics planned in this tutorial are:
●History/background of ATP, FW and AFP technologies
●AFP material differences from FW and ATP
      ○Thermoset matrices
      ○Thermoplastic matrices
●AFP process technologies with TS and TP matrices
●Strengths and weaknesses of various processes
      (ATP, AFP)
●Examples of AFP composite products
●Overview of AFP machines and robotics technologies






Dr. Scott W. Beckwith

SAMPE International Technical Director and President,

BTG Composites Inc.


                           Dr. Scott W. Beckwith

Dr. Beckwith has worked in the composites industry for the past 45 years in various design, manufacturing and marketing positions within both the aerospace and commercial markets. He is a SAMPE Fellow and an SME Jud Hall Awardee. He has a background in composites design and analysis, testing and inspection, manufacturing and failure analysis with Hercules Aerospace, Structures and Carbon Fibers (now ATK and Hexcel). With over 325 technical publications and presentations, he frequently conducts composites tutorials, seminars and workshops. He is also the SAMPE Journal Technical Editor.