The official language of the Symposium is English.

Call for Papers

Abstract submission deadline date is 15 July 2013.

Participants interested in presenting their original papers are invited to submit a 200 word abstract by the above date to the JISSE-13 Office. (jisse13*[Please replace * with @.])

Full Paper Submission

Full paper submission deadline date is 15 September 2013.

Authors whose papers are accepted will be requested to provide their final manuscripts in English and submit them by the above date. The length of the manuscript is 6 pages in the longest case.  The template for the manuscript is available via the link below.  The copyright clearance form must be attached to the manuscript.  The form is also available in the link below.  The manuscript and the copyright form must be transformed into the two separate pdf files.  Please submit them to the symposium office
(jisse13*[Please replace * with @.])