- updated 08/30



Full program: the final version


- updated 11/05



The first version of the program-at-a-glance and the first version of the full program are now uploaded for the convenience of the presenters and advisors.  A few keynote presentations are not fully decided yet.

For all presenters and advisors, please check the schedule conflict in parallel sessions.  The organizer is trying to avoid the conflict in parallel presentations as much as possible.  However, there should be a limitation.  So, please check any conflicts remain or not.  Particularly, the conflict between an organized session, “A Future Challenging Technology” and other general sessions must be checked intensively.  It will be very difficult to change the allocation of the presentations to each session.  However, it will not be impossible to change the order in the session.

If the presenters and advisors find any conflict in the program, please inform it to JISSE-13 office via email no later than 15 September 2013.

Thank you for your cooperation!