To all presenters and session chairs

For your presentation, please bring your own PC and use it.  The Symposium Committee will only prepare the only one backup PC (OS: Windows 7).  We suggest all the presenters not to use that PC.  We will also provide the input switching systems with four channels in each room.  So the presenters in a session should connect their own PC to the switching system input jack and start operating the power point software prior to their presentations.  Every presenter in the next session must check his (her) presentation data prior to his (her) presentation.

All the session chairs must identify the attendance of the presenters during breaks prior to their responsible sessions.  Even if you find any cancellations, please follow the original time table and make the cancelled presentation as a temporary break.

The presentation must be stopped at 15 minutes after starting (except for Keynote Presentations) and must be moved to Q & A.  It is very important to keep timetables particularly in the afternoon sessions in the second day.  All the attendees must evacuate all the rooms by 16:50 on 12 Nov. 2013.