Post Conference Tour

Post Conference Tour Fee:JPY 4,000


The post conference tour (PCT) application has just been closed on 29 October due to the prescribed seat number (80).Thank you for your interest.



The PCT will be held on November 13, 2013 (Wed.). The tour will start in front of the main hotel (Hotel Castle Plaza) at 8:30AM by motor coaches.


The first destination is Tobishima Plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.  Participants can watch the current status of Mitsubishi MRJ-90, Japan’s first jet-powered regional passenger aircraft.  This is the first official introduction of the real MRJ aircraft to foreign people.  Due to the rule of Mitsubishi HI Co. Ltd, certain applicants of some nationalities may not be allowed to participate the PCT.  The results of the eligibility decision as participants will be informed to all the applicants.


The second destination is Toray Automotive Composite Center of Toray Co. Ltd. They can watch composites development activities for automobiles. 


The third and final destination is National Composite Center in Japan in Higashiyama Campus of the Nagoya University. They can watch the 3500 ton press machine and related facilities for automobile composites
applications.  They will come back to the main hotel area around 4:30PM.  They can book a Shinkansen bullet train from Nagoya Station around 5:30PM to go back to Tokyo, if they need to do so.